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How to easily Fix Roku Connection

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Roku device uses your internet connection to let you access endless streaming shows, movies, games, etc. But Roku stopped connecting to WiFi sort of issue does not let you enjoy what you want. Here you have come up with the solution of this connection issue.

Roku is a popular streaming device over the years in the USA, where you can access hundreds of streaming channels anytime from anywhere. Generally, people directly access the streaming channels on their computers and smartphones but when it comes to access on the TV, you need Roku streaming device that uses your existing network connection to access your favorite shows on your television set. Put simply, you cannot stream Roku on your TV since you do not connect Roku to your internet.

There are basically two different methods to connect your Roku with your network connection that include wireless and wired internet. Below is the procedure to resolve Roku stopped connecting to WiFi (wireless).

Learn how to connect Roku with wireless internet step by step; 

  1. Login your internet router

  2. Navigate DNS Settings

  3. Replace the internal DNS address to public DNS address

  4. Save the Settings

  5. Run the Roku Set-up again

  6. Once you set the DNS Properly, Roku will connect to your internet connection

On the other hand, your wifi also has wired option, and then below is the procedure to apply.

  1. Press Home Button on your Roku remote control

  2. Scroll down and select ‘Settings’

  3. Select Network

  4. Select Set-up Connection

  5. Select Wired (Wired option will appear when you connect Ethernet on your Roku device)

  6. That’s it

You are supposed to fix Roku connection issues by these methods. When it comes to activating Roku, visit Www Roku Com Link here you will have to enter Link Code Roku so that Roku can be activated on your television. To back you on a technical front, we have set-up Roku customer support team that holds rich experience in handling Roku related issues.

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